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The digital engine to keep stories going.

For game masters

Plan your campaigns and game sessions

Not only schedule sessions, but create and organize the content you need, such as handouts, images, music, texts, etc. Use it as your notes for playing, but also easily share it on a screen or with the players during a session!

Manage your group and find new players

Manage your groups and campaigns. Find new players based on their location and preferences and invite them! Easily communicate with the whole group.

Read and write about the game world

The game is a wiki, and you can both build your own content, and merge it with the official content. Together with other game masters, you are constantly evolving the game world!

For players

Use on your phone or tablet when gaming!

Have your character digitally on your phone, and update instantly as you increase in level or evolve your character.

See handouts for the current scene

Access all the content for a scene in the game, such as NPC portraits, maps, articles, etc. Excellent to read up and make use of those times your character is not active in the game.

Send messages and take notes

Use a super-simple messaging function to send secret notes to the game master, other players or to take shorter side discussions. Let your character events be auto-shared with the others. Take easy notes.

For game authors

Publish your game digitally and interactively!

People use laptops, tablets and phones at the game sessions all the time. Let people read and browse your game right there. Go beyond boring PDFs and offer content with hyperlinks and videos.

Offer a world that changes as player's explore it

Your game can be an instant wiki, where people can edit and even things that happen in sessions can be auto-posted back to the world. Your game world is alive!

Build a social community around your game

Build a social following around your game, that doesn't limit you to only one platform. Make it easy for people to share articles and game sessions on their social networks.

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